Winter Constellations

There are a large number of constellations that are visible in the sky depending on the different seasons of the year as you can different constellations according to your location. These constellations are known to adorn the sky with its beauty and elegance as it is a nature’s way of decorating the sky with bright and beautiful stars. These celestial bodies changes according to season and winter is the time of the year when you can witness a breathtaking view of the constellations that decorates the sky in a beautiful manner. Moreover if you want to see these celestial bodies you should also know What constellations can you see in the winter?

There are many constellations that you can observe in Northern hemisphere during the winter months but the most popular winter constellations is the Orion which is also called as the Hunter. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to the fact as it is the brightest among the other winter constellations which makes its recognition easy and breathtaking. Aldebaran and Taurus are the other famous winter constellations that are found northwest to the Orion belt which are bright stars that are visible even at a distance from the sky. Auriga is a winter constellation that is found directly above Orion as it is set in Milky Way and it has bright white and yellow star called as Capella that shines brightly overhead. A winter constellation that is also known for its beauty and attractiveness is the Eridanus which has a long trail of stars that are faint to moderate in its shine and brightness. Locating this constellation is difficult as it is only visible at a short distance above horizon which can be seen along the Gulf Coast and US.

Another winter constellation that is found west of Canis Major and south of Orion is the leaping hare or Lepus as these are beautiful group of faint stars that are arrange in bow tie shape in the winter sky. These stars are arranged in crude rectangle and Lepus has the brightest stars that are known as Arneb and it looks like a blood drop in background of sky for an amazing look. Columbia is another winter constellation that is found below Lepus as it is in a star pattern in sky that is also known as Clumbia Noachi. It is located far away from the other constellations as these celestial bodies are known to make the sky appear more beautiful in the winter months. With the onset of frosty winter air, these constellations appear in the sky and are visible from the different parts of the world according to the location and seasons. The brightness of these stars might differ but they are known to make fill the sky in the winters with its colorful hues and light as the brightness might become high and low in the coming years. These winter constellations are known to beautify the sky with the change in the season as it either bright or faint stars.




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